• How to rebuild Stamina

    So as I have disclosed over various posts, I had a lengthy virus that I have now recovered from and as I wasn't able to exercise during the virus as I had horrible dizzy spells and fatigue, so doing a workout was non existent, as such my fitness and stamina have suffered.
  • The truth about the number 13

    Unlucky 13, Friday 13, the number 13 had been given a bad reputation over the years, but what is the truth about all this, is 13 so very unlucky.
  • What does become of the broken hearted?

    As many of my posts are inspired from conversations and interactions I have during the week, and this week's post is no different. There was a film...
  • The joy of Friendship

    Yesterday I caught up with a couple of friends who I've known since my early 20's. Over the years we have worked together, traveled together, suppo...
  • The one thing I like about winter

    I don't like winter, it's not my favourite season, I don't like being cold constantly, and I can hear all the summer haters saying it's so much eas...
  • What happened to the Pagan's and the Old ways?

    Yes, I'm still down the Dark ages, medieval times rabbit hole!
  • Pure Speculation

    I'm coming off a run of watching The Last Kingdom, Viking Valhalla, and other movies, show's and documentaries from the dark and medieval ages of history, and it got me thinking, what happened within us with the rise of Christianity?
  • The health benefits of yogurt

    A couple of weeks ago in one of my videos, I mentioned that I have been recovering from a virus, that has left me suffering fatigue and horrible dizzy spells.
  • Last signs of a high control group

    Having grown up with a high control group circling me and my family, and coming up against them from time to time throughout my life, I know how important it is to know the signs to recongnise these groups to avoid them.
  • More signs of a high control Group

    Unfortunately high control groups do circle around the spiritual new age sect, possibly because so many within the new age community are seekers, making us vulnerable to these high control groups.
  • Signs to avoid High Control Groups

    This is one of the main things that is manipulated by high control groups. Having spent a lot of time in the spiritual new age movement, I have come into contact with a lot of these groups, and how they operate, and they don't just exist in this world, there are also corporate high control groups, and  political high control groups.
  • Is Kale the healthiest Green Vegetable

    Given the choice, I will always pick spinach or silver-beet (or chard if you're not from Australia) over kale, don't get me wrong I'll eat it if there is no other option, but I'm not a fan of the texture of kale.