Why Stillness is needed

Stillness is a term that comes up a lot within meditation, but what is stillness, and why is it important to find the stillness within ourselves?

The pursuit of stillness is shared across many spiritual traditions, Buddhist, Hindu, Hebrew, and Christian. Stillness is our inner peace, and is essential for a life of purpose, meaning and fulfillment.

It is not just people who meditate who seek stillness, this is something that is also achieved by artists, athletes and visionaries when they are in their ultimate flow where they are able to transcend the daily life around them and all that's left is them and their craft or vision.

The place that the meditator, artist, athlete and visionary goes is both deep within ourselves and also opening up to the Universe and the messages that maybe heard.

It is the place where the world falls away, and with it the thoughts that plague your mind throughout the day, your worries and stresses, until the only thing that is left is complete stillness where you are able to commune with your soul, guides and Universe.

This place has been called many things, Jesus called it the single eye, St Augustin ‘the eye of the soul’ Others refer to this place as our third eye.

Which ever name you want to call it, it is our inner ear and our inner sight, it is where we are at the same vibration as the creative sound of the Universe.

From this place we are able to manifest our goals and desires, by seeing the path we need to take, and also receive and be one with the divine bliss, love and peace. As we meditate each day and go into the stillness we nurture these qualities within ourselves, and become a being of compassion.