What's happening at the Centre

Happy Sunday Everyone!

So I thought I'd take today's post as an opportunity to let you know what is happening at the centre.

As you may have noticed, the Thursday videos have not been back this year, let me assure you all they will be back, however we are currently repainting and silly me didn't keep the recording equipment out to access easily, and packed it all up with everything else.

So the Thursday videos will be back, in a couple of weeks time once the repainting has been completed and I have access to everything once more.

I am also working on some new designs for the meditation cushions so keep an eye out for those new designs to be launched.

Also playing around with expanding the cushions into yoga mats, stay tuned for further updates on this.

There are some new aromatherapy blends that are in the experimental stage that will be launched later in the year.

We will be back at the wellbeing expos starting from the end of February, dates to be announced closer to the expo dates.

So that's just a little about what is happening here are New Hope Wellbeing.