What Isolation has Shown me

It's been 6 weeks since isolation measures have been in place here in Victoria, and it has been a interesting time.

For myself overall I have been enjoying this time, while for others I have witnessed their struggle.

Here are just some of the revelations isolation has shown me, with hopefully more yet to come.

My mind is much less cluttered with so much white noise.  

Life was busy, and I always seemed to be rushing somewhere, between work and play there was not a lot of time for rest.

Since isolation my body and mind have both taken the advantage of taking rest.  With this rest my mind has become clearer making it easier to hear my own inner voice.

Meaningful communications

While I have not been able to see friends physically during the restrictions, the regular Zoom calls has found more meaning conversations between friends, an opportunity to talk more freely about hopes, dreams, and concerns.

Friendlier Neighbourhoods

With the restrictions people have been taking the advantage of their daily walks, and not being in the usual hustle and bustle, people are greeting each other once more on their walks, of course while still maintaining social distancing rules.  Neighbours are once more smiling and waving and getting to know the people they have been living next to for in some cases years.

Living more simply

This has come about in a two fold manner, from the crazed bulk shopping that was occurring at the beginning of the outbreak and with the isolation.  As it got harder and harder to find many items, I became more creative in order to keep my home clean and myself feed.

I turned more to items that I knew from my mother and grandmother that could be turned into cleansers to clean, and my meals became more simpler as I turned more traditional Mediterranean meals, that of my ancestors.

Nature Consciousness 

As we have kept more and more indoors, the Earth has taken advantage and healed, reports have been coming out more and more from around the world, smog has cleared from the skies, revealing the stars, turtles have reclaimed beaches to lay their eggs, waterways become clear once more.

By the time we are able to interact once more we may have just saved the health of our planet.

These are just some of the revelations that I have come to find since being in isolation, I wonder what else will be revealed in the coming weeks.