The relationship of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

Over the last few weeks conversations come up about how men no longer know how to approach a female or more to the point how they are uncomfortable approaching a female, and from the other point of view how males no longer approach.

This is something I've heard many times over recent years, and something I have been studying for a while, and from my studies I believe this paradox exists due to our ignorance and misunderstanding as to what is the Feminine and Masculine.

There is a difference between the Masculine and patriarchy, I am not discussing patriarchy in this piece, this is purely about the Feminine and Masculine.

The Masculine is our centre of reason and logic, our rationality, and our survival instinct, our action centre. Where as the Feminine is our centre of inner knowing, our intuition, our dream state and where we can just be.

The Feminine is magnetic in her attraction bringing all she wants to her, the Masculine is dynamic driving through to get to what he wants.

In relationship it is the Masculine that provides the structure, the protection, and the security, while the Feminine nurtures and creates the relationship by safeguarding the relationship emotionally. So in essence the Masculine is the builder the Feminine the designer or architect.

In this modern world the Masculine and the Feminine are both out of balance, with a lot more females working more from their Masculine state of being and this can result in burnout among females, but as females push more into the Masculine, males are being pushed out and going into the Feminine. 

However, women are not operating from the Divine Masculine or Feminine and men are not operating from the Divine Feminine or Masculine, we are operating from the shadow aspects of the Masculine or Feminine. This is resulting in triggering behaviors coming out within our society, no more so than the dating world.


The common complaint from single females seems to be where are all the real men, and the common complaint from single males absolute confusion in what females want. 

The truth is the Masculine can not be complete without the Feminine and vice versa. It is important for both men and women to understand and embrace both the Feminine and Masculine, especially when coming into relationship with each other.

If both partners are operating from the space of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine as they merge they become one powerful universal energy source. They will both balance each other and provide each other a conscious relationship and be able to tear apart their current reality and build their desired reality. 

This means that as the Masculine is the builder and as such will build his empire, he is unable to do so without the Feminine's creativity as her connection to the universe is much stronger. In essence the Feminine is the Universe free flowing and ever expansive, but it is the Masculine who needs to lead the way to build the structures, the foundations, without the Masculine providing the structures or the containment, the Feminine would not be able to move forward and vice versa.

In fact the better the building created by the Masculine the more the Feminine can relax into her power and the more the Feminine relaxes into her power the more powerful the Masculine will become, creating the dynamic of a power couple.