What is Distant Healing

Distance healing works much the same way as electricity, you can't see it, however you can see the outcomes of it working, whether it be the lights turn on, or the stove top heating up when cooking.

There are a couple of different principle or rules regarding the way distant healing works.

The first rule is it works on the basis that the practitioner and the client are interconnected because their energy bodies are parts of the Earth's energy body, thus interconnecting practitioner and client into the same field allowing the practitioner to be healed distantly.

The second rule states that energy will follow your thought or where your intention is focused.  Therefore the energy will follow the though and intention of the practitioner.

 In the current times of lock-downs and COVID-19 distant healing has become the way many practitioners including myself the way we are still helping our clients with their well-being needs.

I myself am available over Zoom offering Reiki and Pranic Healing through a Zoom call for those who are seeking self-care.

Distance healing is also used for ancestral healing, or treating past childhood traumas.  It is the same concept as when done over a Zoom call, except that the intention is to send the energy back through time and space to heal the trauma.

Many practitioners from around the world during the Australian Bush-fires at the beginning of the year, as well as with the current fires in the US to send healing to the land to help dowse the fires. 

I remember being in one such group session for Australia and not long afterwards we got rain which helped the fire fighters beat back the fires.

In regards to working with clients, distance healing works for the exact same ailments as any healing that takes place in person.  Stress, anxiety, ancestral healing, they are still all occurring but instead of having to break lock-down rules, its just happening from the comfort of your home over a Zoom call.

So if you're feeling in need of some Reiki or Pranic Healing self-care please don't hesitate to contact the centre.