What happened to the Pagan's and the Old ways?

Yes, I'm still down the Dark ages, medieval times rabbit hole!

Following on from last weeks thought of when did religious wars start, while watching all these shows especially with the Last Kingdom and Vikings Vahalla, was the mass conversion of Christianity as successful as history would have us believe?

I had this thought as we still have Pagans to this day, they may not be conducting human sacrifices anymore, but they still believe in the old Gods and old beliefs, as well as groups such as the Sami in Finland who never converted.

So was the mass conversion as successful as we have been told, or was it more people playing along with the Christians and pretending to be converted but behind closed doors still practicing their beliefs, all to be left alone?

I don't know the truth I wasn't there but it has left me wondering what the truth of the matter actually is, as I stated above we still have Pagans and Shaman's today.

Along with the Sami, the Mari in the Russian Plains are still practicing their non christian beliefs,  with the Greenland Inuits still practice their oral traditions and spirituality alongside Christianity.

These groups can be found with a quick Google search, but it does make me wonder, are there other groups who just went further underground and are only beginning to resurface with the rise of Paganism, Neo-Paganism, Wicca and other such faiths, possible lines of unbroken lineage creating a new set of faiths and beliefs for this modern world.