What does become of the broken hearted?

As many of my posts are inspired from conversations and interactions I have during the week, and this week's post is no different.

There was a film with this title "What becomes of the broken hearted" and with a couple of the conversations I have had in recent days, I really started to think what does happen?

Where do they go, what do they do?

They exist, they go through their days keeping busy so emotions don't overwhelm them. They will turn to those in their inner circle when things get to much.

The truth is no matter how we feel day to day, the world doesn't stop for us to breakdown so we manage our breakdowns as best we can while going through the motions with the world.

However while keeping busy can help in the moment, staying busy and pushing or blocking our emotions is not healthy and at some point these suppressed emotions will explode out of us onto all those around us.

So what should we do instead?

Take care of yourself. The act of self-care is beneficial, be patient, gentle and kind to yourself, turn to the other nurturing relationships in your life, and allow them to nurture you as you nurture them.

Don't get stuck in the past, with breakups memories both good and bad can play on a loop in your mind, be careful and try not to put that person on a pedestal, not relationship is perfect, but if you're finding you are it maybe a sign to give yourself some distance both physically and emotionally.

Don't jump into a rebound relationship, take the time to reflect on the relationship just ended, and reevaluate what your needs are, learn the from the newly ended relationship, where were your needs not meet, and where did you not meet the needs of your partner, otherwise all that will happen is a repeat of patterns and mistakes in the new relationship.

It can be hard to break free of patterns and old ways of thinking or behaving,  but by recognizing these patterns this is the first step in changing them so when you are ready, don't bring them into the new relationship.

So what becomes of the broken hearted?

They're right there living next to us, healing from the broken heart.