The Moon and the Goddess

It's that time again, Full Moon is upon us, and for as long as we have walked the earth, there has a worship of the moon and her Goddesses. Is this because, the moon is connected with the basic rhythms of life and the universe?

It makes sense as the moon is so connected and linked with the Ocean tides, and the cycles of nature, believing to govern all vital change. There is a lot of mythology out there about the Moon, the lunar eclipses and the three days of darkness that make up the dark and new moon. 

Within so many cultures the moon is regarded as female and is the benevolent ruler of they cyclical vegetative process. As such in this modern era, we plant our seeds with the new moon, feed and water them through to the full moon, where we harvest, our works, before taking rest and reflect with the waning and dark moon.

As we have associated the moon as feminine, we have so many Goddess associated with her, the Goddess has become a personification of the moon and her cycles, you only have to look to the mythology of the Goddess associated and you find the recurring themes of birth, death and rebirth, fertility and pregnancy, the maid, mother and crone, and so the Goddess and the Moon are so interconnected with each other that we can not think of one without the other.

So take time this full moon and reflect and give thanks to her and her beautiful and mighty Goddess. Happy full moon!