The Low Down with Detox Tea

A few weeks back I jumped onto the Facebook Page and let you all know that I would be experimenting with Detox Teas, and they seem to be the new weight loss fad.

After a bit of research I decided to try the tea from a local company here in Melbourne called Skinny me tea, they have two different packages the 14 day detox and the 28 day detox.

I went for the 14 day detox it comes with a morning tea cleanse which is drunk every morning and the evening cleanse tea drunk every second night. 

The morning cleanse is very refreshing and tastes quiet nice, I quiet enjoyed it. The evening cleanse is very bitter so if you don't enjoy bitter things you'll probably struggle with this one.

The effects come on strong so make sure you drink the evening cleanse early in the evening otherwise you may find yourself awake at 2am. The way the tea works is a combination for herbs that are designed to flush out the intestines and bowels.

When the herbs take affect you'll experience strong cramps which means you had better hurry for the bathroom.

Do you lose weight with the tea?

Yes but it will be mainly fluids.  However if you are looking for a way to give your body a good cleanse and clear out than this is a great low cost option that will leave you feeling revitalised and cleansed.