The joy of Friendship

Yesterday I caught up with a couple of friends who I've known since my early 20's.

Over the years we have worked together, traveled together, supported each other through our accomplishments and our hard times.

One of the friends I had seen in between one of the lock downs, and the other I hadn't seen since the beginning of the pandemic.

So needless to say it had been a long time since the three of us had been together. 

It was such a joy to sit together and talk about our experiences over the last couple of years, the good and the hard, but deeper than that, the sense that know matter what these two individuals have always had my back, and been there for me and me for them.

On the drive back home I was thinking how lucky I am to have these two individuals in my life, and sad for those who haven't found  people they can turn to not just in the times of joy but also in times of sadness or stress.

I have posted articles that goes into the signs to look for in a good friend the links are below.

However for a quick overview these are the characteristics to look for so that you too can have those friendships in your life that brings joy too.

  • They are available.
  • They listen
  • They hold you to a higher standard
  • They are supportive