The importance of putting yourself first

If there is one thing that has been highlighted to me above all else this year, it is the importance to take care of oneself before all else. I know this sounds selfish, but it is inherently the opposite. 

Whether you have people in your care, or a single living on your own, if we think about this, it make total sense. When we collapse who is there to pick you up?

This is why we need to love ourselves enough, to put our care and health first, above all else. After all we can only give, what we have within us. So if we are exhausted what have we left to give?

Ironically enough one of the benefits of putting yourself first, is you'll have confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Here are some other benefits of putting yourself first:

  • You will be more happier.
  • It teaches others how to treat you.
  • Others will benefit from it.
  • You'll stop being taken for granted.
  • You'll start to see who deserves a place in your life.
  • You are your own hero.
  • Your relationships will function better.

So if you are exhausted, feeling stretched thin, and overwhelmed, take a step back and give yourself the time and space too take care of you first.

 Those that love you will understand and will support you as you have supported them all this time.