The Harvest Moon

The full moon is at 5.48am 29 March, and this months full moon goes by the Harvest ,Corn or Wine Moon.

The Harvest Moon is the closest full moon to the Autumn Equinox which fell on March 21 this year and as the name suggests this moon is all about the Harvest. The growing season has come to an end, and it is time to collect the crops and start to prepare the the cooler months ahead.

It is also the time to reap the awards from the summer solstice and give thanks for all that we have received in this harvest season.

As it also is the end of the harvest season this full moon is a great moon to release and let go of anything you no longer wish to carry over to the next season. This is especially the case as we are now in the astrological month of Aries and thus at the beginning of the astrological year. 

The Harvest Moon is a celebration of spirit as such to work with this full moon, take some tome to be quiet and still in mind and body, and allow spirit to take over. Listen to the wisdom inside you, nurture and fertilise it, then cultivate and harvest it, follow where it is it takes you.

Lavender and purple are the colours of this full moon, light a lavender candle, decorate with lavender, rosemary and anise, dress in lavender, and when ready celebrate with crackers and peanut butter, followed down with grape juice.