The Divine Feminine and Archetypes

The Divine Feminine is the part of the Godhead that has been suppressed to the point of being forgotten over the centuries or misunderstood.  It is very much a part of the Godhead as is the Divine Masculine.

So, what is the Divine Feminine?

Divine Feminine energy has been with us since the beginning just like the Divine Masculine has been.  It is the part of us that is responsible for nurture, intuition, and empathy.  

Feminine energy is made up of curves and swirls, there are no straight lines in feminine energy.  Feminine energy is expansive, creative and fluid.  It is rooted in intuition, receptivity, collaboration, creativity and feelings.

Many mistakenly think of feminine energy as submissive but make no mistake about it, when you look to the Parthenon of Gods and Goddess from around the world, those associated with destruction energies are Goddess, think of Kali in Hindi mythology and Pele from Hawaii.

The Moon and the Feminine.

The moon and her lunar cycle control the seas and oceans, it also is a representation of the female’s menstruation cycles and as such the life cycle of a female also matches lunar cycle.

There is some difference in opinion on whether there are four, six or eight archetypes of the feminine.  Some believe four due to the moon phases of new, waxing, full and waning.  

I have been studying the divine feminine for a few years now and I feel there are six archetypes of the feminine, and this would still work with the phases of the moon once you add in the waxing gibbous and the waning gibbous which fall before and after the full moon.

The Archetypes of the Feminine.

The Maiden/Princess


The Maiden is our pure, vibrant, youthful, uncorrupted nature.  She is innocent and un-jaded by the world, and as such lives from her heart, and as such exudes our authentic magnetism. 

Highly creative, and intuitive, she has the ability to lower her defences with an un-self-conscious charm.

The Shadow Maiden is stuck in her child-like state and as such are drawn to co-dependent relationships, she is excessively compliant, lacks personal boundaries, she is waiting for something to happen in her life.  Unable to make empowered or deliberate decisions for herself, the Shadow Maiden lacks direction of often fears commitment.

The Warrioress

The Warrioress is assertive, athletic, courageous, decisive, has clarity of thought, selfless, humble, she fights the good fight.  She is of calm demeanour and grounded confidence.

The Shadow Warrioress avoids expressing any vulnerability, will struggle is relationships often seen as the sister.  Her inner rage will take over coming out in expressions of cruelty, uncontrollable anger, and vengefulness.  He competitive nature will become an obsession to win at all costs. 

The Lover

She is romantic to her core, compassionate and kind, connected to her emotions, creative, playful and sensual, lives life in the moment, and lives for connection.  She is the fullness of primal energy of passion, and is an ecstatic being.  

The Lover is sensual, and invites you to touch her mind, body and soul.  She embodies connection and appreciates beauty in all its forms, she lives in her body, she brings the joy of life to every conversation or engagement.

The Shadow Lover loses her self-sufficiency, and relies on the validation of others, she becomes the 'drama' queen, requiring attention in any way she can get it.  She will be vein, irresponsible, noncommittal, drawn to emotionally lopsided relationships with complex men, her creative passion can overwhelm them clouding their judgement, and seeing them fall in love hard and fast.  The Shadow Lover will leave many unbroken relationships and projects in her wake, and be a slave to her emotions.

The Queen

This person will live in the present moment, accepts reality, embodies the full potential of life, experiences from the heart rather than the mind, she knows the unity of life, lives in service of others.  She brings order and blessings, benevolence, fertility and balance, full of compassion, fairness and unconditional love.  

She is the Queen of family, home and 'kingdom' she is nurturing, stabilizing, and exudes calmness, she carries the wisdom in her body, and rejoices in the success and happiness of others.  

The Shadow Queen is judgmental, shallow, image-conscious, jealous, and vindictive.  They can be driven to revenge even if it means to the destruction of everything around them.  She can be over controlling and over bearing.  When overwhelmed she can struggle to say no to the point of resentment of those around her.   

The Priestess

Aware of other realms or dimensions, healers, are grounded in her body, use high levels of discernment, is in tune with her heart and body wisdom, searches for higher knowledge.

She is the keeper of the occult, knowledge of the unknown and spirit realm, she connects the material world to the spiritual world.  Thoughtful and reflective, she knows how to detach from the inner and outer worlds, and how to connect to the deep inner truths.  She is not easily influenced, and brings power and confidence to difficult situations with grace and insight.

The Shadow Priestess is introverted and internally focused making her incapable of intimacy and emotional expression.  She can appear cold, frigid and unmoving, she is so used to being at home in her own body that she can become a prisoner, unable to escape.  She may lack assertiveness and can be all thought and no action. 

The Goddess

The Goddess connects with the flow of life, creates new possibilities, originates new ideas, possess intuitive wisdom, radiates unconditional love, rejuvenates and heals those she influences.  

She emanates dynamic energy, flowing, ever changing, with boundless intuitive wisdom and creativity.   The Goddess inspires, stimulates and revitalizes.


 The Shadow Goddess brings about the more destructive attributes of the Divine  Feminine.  Think Kali in her fury, Pele in her rage or Hera in her jealousy.