The Wort Moon

The upcoming full moon is at 0616 29 January. The moons all have different names and meanings throughout the year.

This moon is called the Wort Moon, also known as the Buck, Thunder, Hay, and Mead Moon and many other cultures have different names for this moon.

This is the moon under which the first harvests occur, where we begin to enjoy the fruits of our labours. It is a time of celebration, magic, enchantment, health, rebirth, success and strength.

 Pagans celebrate this full moon with dancing, drinking and song. This is the time to relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun, the summer days and nights. 

It's the perfect moon to harvest your herbs and leave offerings to the harvest faeries, this is the time to meditate on your goals and plans for the year. To do some dream-work and divination in order to succeed in the year to come.

So pull out your intentions you set at New Year light a silver candle, meditate on your intentions than dance and drink to the summer warmth and the Wort moon.