• Coping with Lock down Blues

    So if you live in Melbourne, than you're like me and experiencing Lock down number four.
  • Chilli Prawn Soup and Noodle Soup

    It's Foodies Monday!

    Here are the recipes from today's cooking enjoy!

  • What is Distant Healing

    Distance healing works much the same way as electricity, you can't see it, however you can see the outcomes of it working, whether it be the lights turn on, or the stove top heating up when cooking.
  • Dancing and Meditation

    Today Premier Dan Andrews will announce the road map out of the lock-down, but I have a feeling we have a way to go before we are able to live free once more.  As this lock-down has stretched on effectively since March, I have found myself struggling to sit and meditate in recent weeks.
  • What Isolation has Shown me

    t's been 6 weeks since isolation measures have been in place here in Victoria, and it has been a interesting time.

    For myself overall I have been enjoying this time, while for others I have witnessed their struggle.

    Here are just some of the revelations isolation has shown me, with hopefully more yet to come.