• The Moon and the Goddess

    It's that time again, Full Moon is upon us, and for as long as we have walked the earth, there has a worship of the moon and her Goddesses. Is this because, the moon is connected with the basic rhythms of life and the universe?
  • What happened to the Pagan's and the Old ways?

    Yes, I'm still down the Dark ages, medieval times rabbit hole!
  • Pure Speculation

    I'm coming off a run of watching The Last Kingdom, Viking Valhalla, and other movies, show's and documentaries from the dark and medieval ages of history, and it got me thinking, what happened within us with the rise of Christianity?
  • Why people Fast for Religion

    Depending on the religion you will have either grown up with or had friends who have fasted at different times of the year for various religious occasions.
  • Why is Aum so important

    There are so many mantra's that use Aum or Om. It's a chant heard in many new age, spiritual and yoga circles.
  • Spirit Wellness

    A friend convinced me to watch World War Z the other day, so as I watched it, I started to ponder on all the stories and films about zombies, there seems to be, especially in recent years, a plethora to come out.