• Go with the flow

    Our lives are full of cycles, from sleep cycles, to eating cycles to energy cycle. However what has been musing in my mind, is we all different cyc...
  • More signs of a high control Group

    Unfortunately high control groups do circle around the spiritual new age sect, possibly because so many within the new age community are seekers, making us vulnerable to these high control groups.
  • What to do if Meditation affects your mental health

    I was listening to a podcast the other day and it had mentioned how meditation has a negative impact on approximately 30% of the population mental health.
  • Honey Full Moon

    The apex of the last full moon of the year is today at 3.35pm and it is refereed to as the Honey, Mead or Strawberry full moon. 
  • Why people Fast for Religion

    Depending on the religion you will have either grown up with or had friends who have fasted at different times of the year for various religious occasions.
  • Can procrastination be a good thing?

    Melbourne has been in lock-down for 239 days, and as the days have gone by the one thing I have noticed is my levels of productivity have drastically decreased, and talking to friends and family, they report the same thing.
  • Full Moon At Home Retreat

    Victoria is in lock-down number 5, and seeing as it is the Full moon I decided to give myself an at home retreat today in-conjunction with my usual full moon ritual.
  • Coping with Lock down Blues

    So if you live in Melbourne, than you're like me and experiencing Lock down number four.