• Overnight Meditiations

    I've been experimenting with overnight meditations for the last few weeks. This is mainly because they keep coming up on my YouTube feed, for the most part I've always ignored them, but one of them caught my eye and intrigued I decided to try one.
  • What to do if Meditation affects your mental health

    I was listening to a podcast the other day and it had mentioned how meditation has a negative impact on approximately 30% of the population mental health.
  • Why Stillness is needed

    Stillness is a term that comes up a lot within meditation, but what is stillness, and why is it important to find the stillness within ourselves?
  • Full Moon At Home Retreat

    Victoria is in lock-down number 5, and seeing as it is the Full moon I decided to give myself an at home retreat today in-conjunction with my usual full moon ritual.
  • My favorite Crystals to Meditate with

    On this weeks Well-being/Meditation Thursday live I discussed how to meditate with crystals. Today I thought I'd share which crystals are my favorite to meditate with and why.
  • Home Retreat

    I like going on a retreat at least once a year, its my time to take a break from the world, disconnect from social media, and just get back to basics and to me.
  • Dancing and Meditation

    Today Premier Dan Andrews will announce the road map out of the lock-down, but I have a feeling we have a way to go before we are able to live free once more.  As this lock-down has stretched on effectively since March, I have found myself struggling to sit and meditate in recent weeks.
  • The Gift of Stillness

    We have been given the opportunity to really get to spend time with ourselves, to really get to know ourselves in way that is not possible when in constant company of others.