• The truth about Dried Fruit

    I'm sure like me you have heard the same tale told about eating dried fruit. Dried fruit are full of sugar and should be avoided in a healthy diet. Which is true in one sense, as they are dried the natural sugar count in the fruit becomes more concentrated, so we do need to keep this in mind.
  • Has the isolation of lock-downs impacted our immune systems

    Just as I was getting back on track with my health and fitness. I got struck down with this seasons flu. I had heard that this seasons flu was a particularly nasty one.
  • Is Kale the healthiest Green Vegetable

    Given the choice, I will always pick spinach or silver-beet (or chard if you're not from Australia) over kale, don't get me wrong I'll eat it if there is no other option, but I'm not a fan of the texture of kale.
  • Is Green Tea really the healthiest tea?

    Listening to a food documentary, it made the suggestion that Green tea wasn't any more healthier than any other type of tea, so I thought I'd look into this a bit more to determine, if what has become common thought is just that a thought and not fact.
  • Is Brown Rice really healthier than White Rice

    A few years ago I was working with my Naturopath working out my allergies and I had to go on a yeast free diet. The first week consists of eating nothing but rice to help neutralise the bacteria in the gut.
  • The Importance of Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is the most well known Vitamin, and perhaps the most spoken of too.

    Much like some of the other Vitamins and minerals discussed over the last few weeks, Vitamin C is an essential vitamin needed for our well-being and health, but is not a Vitamin that our body does not produce, and must be consumed through our food.

  • The Benefits of Magnesium

    Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and responsible for more than 300 metabolic processes in the body. Its many functions include helping muscle and nerve function, regulating blood pressure, and supporting the immune system.
  • The importance of Zinc

    I thought I'd continue on from last week's article of the importance of Vitamin D, and discuss another vitamin and mineral that is important to our overall well-being.
  • The Importance of Vitamin D

    If there is one thing many people of Melbourne have in common right now, is a low Vitamin D count. This is due to a combination of the world's longest lock-down and that we have just come out of winter.
  • Sea air and your health

    Doctors have been prescribing trips to the sea side since the 18th Century.
  • Egg Muffins and Chickpea Soup

    It's Foodies Monday! Here are the recipes from today's offerings. Egg Muffins Ingredients 10 eggs  1 green capsicum diced finely 1 yellow capsicum...
  • Koulouri Thessalonikis, Lemon Chicken and Oven Roasted Vegetable Stew

    It Foodies Monday! Here are the recipes from today's offerings. Koulouri Thessalonikis Where I used the juice of mandarins, you can replace this wi...