Summer Solstice Ritual

Happy Summer Solstice!

The Solstice is tomorrow but I thought I'd share a simple little ritual I like to do.  Creating God's Eyes.

God's Eyes are found across various different cultures throughout the world in various different styles, however the ones I'm sharing today are from the Huichol people of Central Northwest Mexico, and were created as protective and spiritual symbols to help people connect more deeply with the natural world.

What you will need:

Two sticks - I like to gather them while out for my walk.

wool in various colours - I like to use reds, yellows and oranges the colours of the summer solstice.


What to do:

Place the two sticks into a cross, and wrap the wool around the sticks, tie them together. 

Holding the wool tight wrap the wool in a clockwise direction around one of the sticks.

Than onto the next stick and wrap it around, keep moving in a circle wrapping the wool around each stick as you go.

To change colours simply tie the piece of wool you are using into a knot and tie a new piece on and continue to wrap around the sticks.

As you wrap the wool around the sticks connect with the power of the Sun God, imagine the Goddess heavily pregnant from her festivities at Beltane, this is a time of fertility and abundance, remember the seeds you planted at Beltane and imagine those seeds growing, swelling and becoming ready to birth at the harvest. 

This is a meditative ritual visuals and allow the energy to interweave with the wool as you weave it through the sticks and feel the energy grow as you weave.

This is a simple and beautiful ritual and one that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Once completed hang them where the Sun can shine down on them.

Happy Summer Solstice!