Storm Moon

It's that time of month, the full moon will be a it's apex on 22 August at 1002pm AEST. 

This full moon is known at the Storm, Snow, Hunger, Wolf, Wind and Chaste Moon. As this moon crests when there is still snow in the mountains, it is a moon that holds the power of purity, innocence and joy.

This moon speaks to the inner child within us, and reminds us of a time when life was simple, and when everything seemed possible.

This is a moon to have fun with, to laugh with, and play with.

With this full moon you will be able to find solutions for problems, barriers are more flexible with this moon and can give way making it possible for our personal goals to be suddenly attainable.

This moon is also a great moon to do an inner spring clean, providing us the opportunity to toss out that which is old and useless. This full moon signals that it is time to turn a page and start a new chapter in your life's book.

Take the time to reflect upon what is holding you back from attaining your goals and do a ritual to let this go to give yourself the space for your goals to be realised.

Make sure you give yourself the time afterwards to play and laugh and bring the joy of childhood back into your life.