Spirit Wellness

A friend convinced me to watch World War Z the other day, so as I watched it, I started to ponder on all the stories and films about zombies, there seems to be, especially in recent years, a plethora to come out.

Each story starts with patient zero and the virus spreads throughout the world.

However is it really a story about a virus?

This was the question I was turning over in my mind while I watched the movie. The truth I believe about the mythology around zombies is who we are at our most animalistic savage nature.

This is our most primordial state, when you take away all the things that make us who we are, our compassion, consciousness, joy, bliss, happiness, love, all our fears including our fear of death, everything is stripped away until we are only left with sheer survival and need to feed our hunger.

Having pondered the mythology about this I than began to think about what it is we need to do to nurture the spirit within us so that we don't lose that spark that is our unique selves.

To answer that let's first look at what is Spirit Wellness.

Spirit Wellness is our ethics, faith, morals, values, beliefs, and principles. It is what connects us to each other and to everything around us. It is where we find our joy and inspiration, our kindness and gratitude, and our stillness and grace.

When we do not look after our spirit health it affects our sense of inner peace and balance, but also our organs, cells, the healthy working of our bodies. Many people see stress as a mental and physical condition, not realising that we also feel illness in our spirits too. 

While its easy to known when our physical or mental health are suffering, its not always easy for us to detect when our spirits are depleted. We can exercise, eat healthy, get our eight hours of sleep for our physical health, seek help for our stress, anxiety and any other mental health issues, but still feel imbalanced, dull and empty.

How do we tend to our spirit wellness?

Our spirit health is linked to our enjoyment of life. We are allowed to live our lives to the fullest, to feel fulfilled and complete. The way to go about looking after our spirits is through honesty, respect, without a judgement towards our flaws and fears. It is through acknowledging our strengths, our achievements, courage, perseverance, and generosity. It is by truly knowing ourselves, caring and connecting with ourselves that we nourish our spirit and let it bloom back into health.

Here are some tips to help you look after and reconnect with your spirit.

Meditation is how we connect with our spirits, and how our spirits connect with us. By giving yourself the time to meditate each day you free your mind and foster a stronger relationship with your spirit.

Watch your thoughts, at the end of the day recount any negative thoughts you have had and rephrase them in a positive manner, as you do this, slowly you'll being to think more and more positively.

Keep a journal, and give yourself the opportunity to write whatever it is that you are keeping in. By releasing this from you, your mind become clear and more focused, allowing you to move forward.

Spend time outdoors, whether its a walk in the bush, along a creek, or beach, it doesn't matter where, just get outside and allow the fresh air to bring you into a state of relaxed contemplation, it helps to release the pressures from building up within us, and gives us a fresh outlook on things.

Spend time alone and indulge in your creativity, time alone allows you to detox and rejuvenate, and indulging in our creativity, it doesn't matter how, it can be cooking, writing, drawing, building something, sewing, or photography,  but allowing yourself that time it links us into our passion, allowing us to feel the joy of being alive.