Sometimes you need to Surrender

Give up or let go and hand over control.  That's the meaning of surrender. 

Why do we struggle so much with surrendering?

We struggle with this because in our minds it is associated with defeat.  To surrender to many means we've lost the war, the battle and as such surrendered to the victor.

However surrendering does not mean defeat and is quiet often the key to getting what you seek.

Why do we seek to control everything in our lives?

We seek control out of fear. We believe that we must fight to win, to hold on so tightly whether it be the perfect relationship, the career or even friendships but control is an illusion.  The funny thing is the more you fight for what you want, the further you move away from it.

How do we surrender?

To surrender means to quiet literally stop fighting, stop fighting the Universe, stop fighting yourself.  Let go of the control and let the Universe take you where you need to go.  Much like a leaf that falls from the branch into the creek and flows with the water.

Let go of the doubt, the fear the worry, the self loathing everything that has been making you fight for as long as you have. Once you let go of everything hand it over to the Universe and let the powers that be take care of it for you.

Surrendering means trusting the Universe to have your best intentions for you. Its the act of surrendering that sends out the energy to receive. 

Things that surrender can help with.

Surrendering helps to create space for personal reflection, it gives us the chance to take a step back and view the situation with greater clarity.

Surrendering helps to heal conflict in relationships. By letting go of the need to be right it allows you to see the the others persons point of view freeing yourself from judgement and thus clearing up the negativity and conflict.

So let go of the wheel and let the Universe take you on the journey to your dreams and let them come true.