Sometimes you just need to spend a day on the sofa

This morning I woke up to my feet killing me, legs all tense, arms sore and my mind yearning for more sleep.  It had been a bit of week of information overload as I learnt some new skills.

Knowing my body wouldn't handle my usual morning routine, of get up and go for my 70 minute walk followed by exercise bike and weights.  I listened to my body and just let it rest and spent the day on my sofa watching Netflix.

Sometimes you just need to let yourself rest, and ignore the world for a day. 


By taking a day of rest your give your body the chance to properly replace the energy stores in your muscle cells and repair any tissue damage incurred over a week of use, and allowing your battery to charge back up.

It also allows your mind to take a break and reduce your stress levels, it also helps to reduce inflammation and the risk of heart disease.  

Your immune system also gets to reset and and boost itself back to healthy levels once more.

Taking a day for yourself also helps to boost your creativity, and will also make you more productive in the long run, and improve your short term memory.

So give yourself a day or rest and stop telling yourself your being lazy.  It really could help to save your life.