Snow Moon

It's the full moon on the 26th of May and this full moon is known as the Snow Moon. The Snow Moon heralds the coming of the waning of the warmth and sunlight, and the arrival of the dark months.

This is the time of year when Mother Earth is preparing for her slumber, she is tired from the previous months of planting, growing and harvests. 

As Mother Earth settles in for her slumber, so to does the rest of nature, this is the time of year we begin to slow down, as the Earth rests and the weather gets colder, we begin to spend more time indoors. 

This is the time to finish up projects, and tie up loose ends. This is the time to relax and regroup, a time of contemplation, and to give thanks for the blessings Mother Earth has provided us over the last few months.

A time of gratitude and contemplation, this is a wonderful moon to look back over the year and think of all the nice things people have done for you and how that has changed your life.