Self Care For the Silly Season

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted last, and that is because, I needed to take a little break and recharge the batteries.

As a result I thought it a great time to make my first post back to discuss some self care tricks for the silly season.

As we approach into the final part of the year, as inevitably happens, everyone is trying to catch up with everyone, people are racing around to get themselves organised before rushing off to join family and friends for the various celebrations.

By the time the day of celebration comes around, we're exhausted with nothing left in the tank.

So here are some tips for self care during the silly season.

1. Schedule time for yourself.

As the calendar gets more and more full, make sure you also pencil in some downtime for yourself, so that by the time Christmas does role around you have the energy to enjoy yourself.

2. Make time for mindfulness

20 minutes of a mindfulness practice can help to bring calm and relax a busy mind. Something as simple as colouring just before bed will make a big difference in keeping your calm as you go through the season.

3. Get out and about

Take an evening walk and enjoy the Christmas lights and decorations in your neighbourhood. Also by getting out for a walk, gets you out into the fresh air, and out into nature. This will help keep you grounded throughout the season.

4. Set boundaries

So many people have a problem saying no. Many of us get overwhelmed with gift buying, planning and trying to get everywhere. You are allowed to say no to events, especially if you know you don't have the energy to get there.

5. Healthy Diet

This time of year if full of indulgent foods and drink, so make sure to carve out days full of healthy fruit and vegetables and a well balanced diet, and ensure you stay hydrated to help avoid those blood sugar spikes.