Seed Moon

It's that time of the month again, the September full moon will be 21 Sep 2021 at 9.55am, and this full moon is known as the Seed moon.

This full moon is the moon that sees Mother Earth begin to stir, the snow is melting on the alps, the flowers are starting to bloom, birds are building  their nests in preparation for their babies to be born. 

Spring is here and Mother Nature is waking up from her long slumber. This is the moon for us too, to shake off the winter slumber and start to get out and plant our seeds for the months ahead.

With this moon we will feel the need to create deep within our spirits, wild and unbridled energy beckoning us to till our own gardens and plant them with the qualities that will better our lives and bring us into harmony with all of Nature.

Take the time this full moon to get in touch with your creativity centre and let your creativity tell you the bests seeds to plant with this spring season.