Recharging with Nature

The last few weeks have been a bit hectic and have left me feeling a bit flat. From expo's, clients, family and everything in between, I've been feeling incredibly tired the last few days.

So waking up this morning I felt a desperate need to get away from the city and suburbs for the day and escape into nature.

Away I drove up the coast to a walking track I had been wanting to try for a while and into nature I immersed myself.

Sea-breezes, fern trees, babbling creek, birds chirping, and sunshine and I started feeling myself unwind, relax, recharge and feel alive once more.

Here are some great health reasons to spend time in nature.

Studies have shown that regular walks in nature help memory retention and concentrate better.

One  Finnish study showed that by spending just 15mins in nature helped people feel psychologically restored and reduce stress.

Another study shows that spending time in the sunlight helps people heal faster and also feel less pain, and absorb vitamin D faster.

With yet another study showing that those who spend time outdoors are more youthful at heart and appearance, and it helps to promote weight loss.

So while I came in quickly to type out my thoughts on spending time outdoors, I hope you all head outside and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and nature.