Pure Speculation

I'm coming off a run of watching The Last Kingdom, Viking Valhalla, and other movies, show's and documentaries from the dark and medieval ages of history, and it got me thinking, what happened within us with the rise of Christianity?

Let me be clear I'm not picking on any religion, it is something that I noticed that coincides with the rise of Christianity.

 Previous to Christianity, there doesn't seem to have been any wars over religions, I'm not saying there wasn't any religious persecution, there was, but people and nations didn't go to war for this reason.

War's where about conquest for land and wealth not about the religious belief's of the people. In fact we were overall a more tolerant society and lived along side other faiths. What seems to have happened more than anything else, is the religions of the conquering people would merge with the conquered people.

The Gods and Goddess sharing the same attributes would be blended together, with their names become one hyphenated name.

So what happened when Christianity rose up as the dominate religion within us that made us go to war for religion?

What happened within us that made us so one-eyed and intolerant of other beliefs?

In fact if I really think about it, none of the Judeo religions get along either, which quiet frankly has always baffled me, as they all believe in the same God, its just a slight difference in the dogma of the religions.

In fact the whole Crusades was a war between two of the Judeo religions, with that distrust still existing today.

I don't know the answers to these questions, but it is something worth pondering, perhaps by asking the questions we can work towards a more tolerant, peaceful society.