Preparing for the Full Moon

The full moon is a couple of days away, this is the perfect time to reassess the goals you set during  the new moon, and feeling into what is blocking you and holding you back from reaching you goal. 

Once you have these obstacles this is the perfect time to purge and release the obstacles from your life as they no longer serve you and are just holding you back. 

A favorite activity of mine to do, is to write down what it is I want to purge and release on to slips of paper, and read aloud each thing and than burn the paper into a fire, envisioning the obstacle or feeling being burned from me as the paper burns.

Another thing I like to do is to have a nice salt scrub, as I scrub myself with the salt I envision all the dirty energy, obstacles, blockages are being scrubbed from me, and with the water that they are all being washed down the drain and away from me.

Basically this is the perfect time to reset, gather what is no longer serving you and purge it from you and your life, letting go of what we no longer need to hold on to, so that we can reach those goals we set at the new moon, as the saying goes, you can not fill and full cup. So in order to reach you goals empty that cup and let yourself receive what it is you deserve.

As with everything as you work through the purging ritual, at the end make sure to show your gratitude to the moon and yourself for letting go of all that no longer is of you.