Perfectly Imperfect

I was listening to a meditation this week and the phrase "your imperfections make you perfect came up."

Let's just say I sat up on that one, and absolutely loved it, because it is true, and the ultimate in self-love, all those little things that you consider your imperfections are what make you perfectly you.

Now I'm not saying that there is no room for personal development, if you want to focus on your health and become the healthiest version you can be, by all means do so.

However also remember that all those little quirks that you have are also what the people who love you, love you for, so  don't forget to embrace those parts of yourself and love them too.

Look at nature, crystals will have imperfections running through them, but we still gravitate to it, no two roses are the same, leaves on a tree, it is what makes nature beautiful, so why are we so harsh on ourselves?

All those flaws, imperfections and quirks are what makes you uniquely you, and what stops us from being carbon copies of each other, so embrace them love them and let yourself shine as the perfectly imperfect person you are.