Overnight Meditiations

I've been experimenting with overnight meditations for the last few weeks. This is mainly because they keep coming up on my YouTube feed, for the most part I've always ignored them, but one of them caught my eye and intrigued I decided to try one.

Reading the comments, the people you listen to them, appear to desperately want to manifest their goals, while I don't know if these overnight meditation can help you to manifest your goals. The one thing that I have taken away from them is the affirmations.

The one's that I have been listening to all have a set of affirmations attached to the recordings and are repeated throughout the meditations.

This is where I believe the meditations help. There is a lot of studies that have been conducted that shows how listening to a lecture has helped students when studying for exams, as while the conscious mind rests the subconscious mind takes over.

So by listening to affirmations overnight you are cleaning up your subconscious mind, and reprogramming it with more positive beliefs, which in turn helps to get rid of unwanted thoughts and add in desirable ones, triggering necessary reactions that will help you in your waking life to achieve your goals.