New Hope Wellbeing Updates

I've been very undecided this week as to what I should post about today, and late last night decided the best post would be about telling you about the new product range that I have release in the last week.



In direct response to the current state of affairs that is occurring in the world right now, and more closely linked to this new bulk buying craze that seems to have people in its grip, I have released the health care collection.



Let me fill you in on the story behind this collection.  As a good granddaughter, I called and checked in on my grandparents last week, to make sure that they had everything that they needed and if not to give me the list, as I would much rather me tackle the crowds than my beloved elderly grandparents.



As you can assume, they did need a few things so list in hand off I went to go and buy what they needed.  Well this was an eye-opening experience for me.  I don't typically shop at the big supermarkets preferring the offerings of alternative food sources so hadn't truly seen the extent of what was occurring, outside of Social Media updates.



So, imagine my surprise upon walking into my local Woolies and seeing the bare shelves!  I went to not one but three different stores and the same thing was occurring in all the stores.  I couldn't believe it!



Now I managed to find the listed items but it was not at any of the big shops, I found them at the smaller little more intimate grocery stores.  



With the image in my mind I went to bed that night and upon waking the next morning the thought came to me.  If I'm struggling to find supplies than how many other people would be in the same boat?



So, as I pondered this a light bulb flashed in my mind as the image of my Aromatherapy Certificate came into view.  I have the skills to make my own product and thus the health care collection was born.



Excited off I went to source the materials needed to start the collection.



As an aromatherapist you can rest easy knowing I only use 100% pure essential oils in all of my products, and only those that have an antibacterial and antiviral component.



What is currently on offer in the collection?



We have the Aloe Vera based hand sanitizer, this one is a gel-based sanitiser, mixed with essential oils and alcohol.



Then there is the Antiviral essential oil blend.  This blend is 100% pure essential oils and perfect to add to your oil burner or vaporizer to get the air flooded with the antiviral quality of the oils.

You could also add a few drops to your hand creams or moisturizers to have some added protection for your day to day life.

Launching today is the Anti-Bacterial oil blend, this blend is also made from 100% pure essential oil and like the Antiviral blend, also great to add to your oil burner or vaporizer, or to mix a few drops into your hand cream or moisturizer.

Coming soon a Witch-hazel based sanitizer spray combined with an alcohol and essential oil mix.



Please visit the shop for more details at



Stay safe everyone.