More signs of a high control Group

Why am I discussing high control groups?

Unfortunately high control groups do circle around the spiritual new age sect, possibly because so many within the new age community are seekers, making us vulnerable to these high control groups.

Here are some more signs to avoid these groups.

1.   Outsiders will be seen as being morally inferior.

The group will set itself above those outside the group as being more holy, wise, enlightened, righteous. You will here talk from group members how they have been chosen for a special mission.  There is usually an inner circle or hierarchy among the members with the leader always at the top.

2. Threats made against those that leave.

People who leave the group are often penalised, sometimes this can be monetary, often it is through shunning - where friends and family are told and encourage to cut all ties with the person who has left.

The people who have left are often called apostate, traitor or infidel. They are often described as having been lost to the sins of the outside world, misled or possible even evil. Some groups will call those that leave are suppressive peoples.

3. Members are often isolated from loved ones and the outside world.

There will be subtle yet increasing pressure to attend more and more group events within the group itself, slowly but effectively removing you from family and friends in the outside world, and replacing those people with members from within the group.

Children of group members will often be encouraged to attend the groups schools, or encouraged to home school and follow the teachings of the group, thus isolating the children and parents from the outside school communities.

4. Group identity is the only identity.

The rights for the group will trump the rights of the individual, when the two are in conflict you will be encouraged to conform to the group think, often this occurs through the leaderships commanding speeches and intense rituals, creating the ideal setting for group think. 

As you progress further within the group your individual rights will be further suppressed for the group identity, and this will often occur through some type of abuse, sometimes, mental, sometimes emotional, sometimes physical, sometimes spiritual, sometimes all of them.

5. Feelings of shame, guilt, fear and dread.

Often there are group activities especially when you are first being introduced to the group where there is a feeling of having some success. Slowly as you progress through these activities or courses, leaders will suggest often subtly at first that you have not gone deep enough or your efforts where not good enough, instilling the thoughts of disharmony within you.

You will be encouraged to suppress your true nature conforming to the groups nature, and with this suppression often comes the feelings of guilt and shame about who you are. Leaders will often use theology to undermine you, convincing you that you are not good enough, encouraging you to reveal inner secrets about yourself, that will be used against you later on.

 There are a few more signs of a high control group that we will discuss soon.