Manifesting with intent

The  next full moon is just a few days away, and if you're anything like me, you planted the seeds of what you want to accomplish with the new moon, and are now gearing up to make a big play to accomplish the goal with this full moon.

However did you know that your intent behind the goal maybe what is hindering you with not being able to accomplish your goal?

Intention is the mental state in which we commit ourselves to a course of action. The action plan is the content of the intention while the commitment is the attitude towards the content.

Your intention is what helps you to refocus on keep you on track with your goal, it is the why behind why you are wanting to achieve your goal. By resetting your stating your intention everyday, focus you in on your goal letting the less important stuff that can consume us in our daily lives to fall away.

By checking in with your intention throughout  the day you are keeping this in the front of your mind, allowing you to be fully present with your goal, which helps keep you focused and less stressed.

So today take some time and investigate what is your intention behind the goal you are trying to manifest does it come from the heart?

The more your intention and goal come from the heart and desire the more pure it will be and the more likely you'll be able to create the action plan to accomplish your goal.