Listening to your Intuition

Intuition is our inner knowing, inner voice or inner guiding force that bridges the gap between our conscious self and subconscious self. It is the little feeling you get or often times referred to as the gut feeling that never leads you astray.

It usually comes out in force when it senses a dangerous situation or toxic people, and is what helps you to make decisions about work and life.

People often ask how do you know when it is your intuition talking to you and not you second guessing yourself?

Today I thought I'd share some of the signs that it is your intuition speaking to or attempting to speak to you.

1. You have vivid dreams.

Have you been having weirdly vivid dreams? Do the dreams revolve around a big decision you have to make?

This is the way our subconscious mind is playing with different solutions before coming to the best outcome for you. Pay attention to your dreams and keep a dream journal to write into as soon as you wake up.

2. Recurring thoughts and ideas.

Is there something that keeps playing on your mind?

Take note, especially if your mind keeps playing over the same situation or thought over and over again. If you can't shake it that it is your intuition speaking to you.

3. You experience Synchronicities

Are you experiencing weird coincidences or patterns regularly?

These coincidences and patterns are your intuitions way of telling you, you are one the right path and are aligning with your highest good.

4. You have moments of clarity.

Have you noticed when in a day dream, or when you slow down you are just hit with the most obvious way to do things? 

Sometimes I know for me these moments hit when I'm in the shower or out for a walk. In fact most of my most brilliant ideas hit me in the shower.

This is your intuition speaking, so pay attention to what its telling you.

5. You feel uneasy.

When a decision is made, do you feel happy or is there a tightness in your chest, and your stomach feels unsettled?

If its the latter than its your intuition telling you something is wrong, these feelings can also occur before you enter a dangerous situation or come up against toxic people, pay close attention to these feelings as they maybe telling you to run.

6. You seem to know things before they happen.

Ever feel like you know when someone is about to call, or know what they are about to say? 

This is a combination of your experiences and openness to what is around you, when this happens go with it.

7. You're always right or at the right place at the right time.

If you are constantly right and your decisions are leading you to be at the right place at the right time, than you are in sync with your intuition. What is occurring is you are listening to your inner voice before your conscious can stir up doubt.

When this is happening you will also feel like you are in your flow, living with a purpose and are happy and content.

Your are following your heart instead of your head, and there will not be any logical reason for your decisions which will be frustrating the logical people in your life.

However it is important for you to follow that gut feeling that is leading you to the right places.