Last signs of a high control group

Having grown up with a high control group circling me and my family, and coming up against them from time to time throughout my life, I know how important it is to know the signs to recongnise these groups to avoid them.

Over the last couple of weeks I have shared the signs of these high control groups, and here is the the last list to share.

The aim is the more that we know what to look for, the more easier it will be to spot these groups and to avoid.

Having traversed the spiritual new age community I have spotted these groups throughout, and over the last few years also seeing this in the political activist community.

More signs of a high control group:

1. Zealous commitment, loyalty and dependence on the leader.

Praise and admiration is showered on the leader that exceeds that given to others within the community. There is a reluctance to see any weakness or flaws in the leader and they're teachings.

Members revere the leader whether alive or dead that goes far beyond admiration or fondness but is something more like absolute devotion, with any words they have shared to be absolute truth.

2. Preoccupation on new members

There is often a focus to convert people to garner new members into the group. There is an exception with some of the fundamental groups that typically are closed off to outsiders and new membership is those born into the group.

For the other high control groups, bringing in new members is an ego boost to the leadership group. These groups can be very aggressive in their recruitment tactics, by targeting vulnerable groups of people, repeating rote lines and arguments. Those who reject the message of the group are seen as ignorant, deceived, prideful, or stupid.

3. They will love bomb the vulnerable.

These high control groups, will come across as nice, sweet or loving in their first few interactions with potential new members. They are very good at making people feel they are really cared for and loved. Once these new members have been integrated into the group than slowly the love bombing will turn to more toxic and damaging behaviors.

4. Economic or financial exploitation

While a lot of groups will ask for donations to help maintain community buildings or help with fundraisers and other such activities, it is when the leaders target individuals instead of the group at large for money, that indicates a high control group. The group will ask personal questions about the person's finances, and ask to 'donate' far larger amounts than one would normally feel comfortable to give.

5.  There will be punishment and sexual exploitation

There will be punishments for breaking group rules, this maybe by being demoted from a position of responsibility, or even excommunicated for minor infractions. Former members often have the same stories of mistreatment, emotional manipulation or punishment.

Hypocrisy is in evidence, leaders will preach the importance of sexual purity and fidelity but will often be unfaithful to their own partners, and engaging in sexual conduct with younger members of the group.

Grooming is often in evidence, perpetrators will often claim the abuse is necessary for furthering the group's cause.

Women in particular are tightly controlled, women can quiet often be excluded from the higher tiers of leadership, this is done as women are often the continuation of the group.

Please take all the signs shared over the last three weeks to help you spot these high control groups.