Is Kale the healthiest Green Vegetable

Given the choice, I will always pick spinach or silver-beet (or chard if you're not from Australia) over kale, don't get me wrong I'll eat it if there is no other option, but I'm not a fan of the texture of kale.

Now that goes against all those articles, blog posts, and health experts advise proclaiming kale as the wonder vegetable of the green leafy vegetable kingdom, but is it really healthier than the others?

Let's take spinach and kale to begin with, both greens are anti-inflammatory, and protect against heart disease and cancer. They also have similar amounts of fibre and protein per serve.

However kale is slightly higher is Vitamin C and calcium but spinach is higher in iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, folate, vitamins A, E and K.

Let's compare kale with silver-beet. Silver-beet has been used since Roman times by herbalists to help combat cancer, treating toothaches, vertigo and headaches, and studies today has shown much like spinach is also high in Vitamins A, K, C, potassium, iron, zinc, and magnesium.

In fact here is a table I found that breaks down the various greens.

So what does all this boil down to?

Much like a lot of the other foods and beverages I have broken down in the last few weeks, everything in moderation, and if you are like myself and don't really like kale it's ok as the other options are just as healthy.