Inner Child Speak

While out for a walk one evening this week, I was overcome with emotion, as I walked, I let it come to the surface to see where it was coming from.

As I processed through the emotions, I realised that they were stemming from a long-forgotten childhood memory being triggered by my inner child.  She wanted to speak to me.

I have done a bit of work with talking with my inner child to she knows how to get my attention when she wants to tell me something.

So as I walked I listened to what she had to say.

What is the inner child and why is it we should listen to the,?

I have to admit in the past I didn't really understand what was meant by those word. Looking back, I suppose it was because I didn't want to know so wasn't looking for or listening to her, or perhaps I was running from her. Either way I wasn’t there for her.

However, when I did start on this journey and went to go find her, I found her hidden deep inside me. Hiding in a corner hoping for someone to find her and comfort her, to listen to her. Slowly as I worked the process I introduced myself to her, talked to her softly, held her until eventually she felt ready to talk to me.  Then bit by bit I introduced her to my adult self, and sat with her a while letting the relationship blossom and heal.

The result being my child self and my adult self, blended into one whole being. 

The journey of finding your internal child can be daunting, as you have no choice but to go deep inside of you, through all the hurt and pain to the very core of you and there you’ll find them, scared and timid, as we have left them alone in the world.

It is from this place that we discover all of our patterns and misconceptions, if you have felt unloved, not wanted, not needed, not slim enough or pretty enough.

By finding them, holding them, telling them that they are loved, allows the child you and the adult you to heal, bond and integrate into each other into one whole being.

The quest of finding your inner child can be difficult and at times uncomfortable, but the end result, is one of tremendous healing and compassion. The ability to see the wonder in the world, the humour, innocence and love. You’ll be able to experience all that life has to offer in the full, as you’ll no longer be held back by your old wounding. As they will be replaced with new patterns allowing you to enjoy everything around you.