Hunter's Moon

The full moon is upon us once more, and this is one of the most powerful moons of the year. Known as the Hunter's Moon or Blood Moon, it falls under the festival of Wesak, the full moon that the Buddah was born under.

The name Hunter's Moon comes from Native American culture where this moon in the Northern Hemisphere and falls in October and was named as this was the time of year when the deer where at their most plumpest due to their feasting over the summer months, the hunters would track and kill them to stock pile for the winter months ahead.

With similar significance in Europe where it was also seen as the prime time to hunt and stock pile before the winter arrived.

In India this moon marks the end of the monsoon season and is celebrated with the festival of Ashvin.

However for us in the Southern Hemisphere it is the full moon that falls in April. The moon closest to the Autumn Equinox is called the Harvest moon the one that follows is the Hunter's moon and the moon closest to Samhain or Halloween.

With this moon so we enter into the dark half of the year, let us open our arms and welcome in the darkness with open arms. This is the start of what will be the internal works, and self-reflection. This is the time of year that is prime for working with the Ancestors and to learn the lessons of the past.

The veil between worlds is thinning with Samhain just around the corner and with the thinning, communication with the ancestors is a lot more clearer and easier.

As this moon suggests this is the time of year where we are preparing for the cold, it is a great moon to express your gratitude for all the offerings you have received from the summer months.

This moon is also a great moon to journal, observe how nature dies and goes into a deep rest before its rebirth in the spring. Think about the parts of you that need to die, the parts of you that need to rest and be reborn with the arrival of Spring.

As this is a time of inward reflection this moon is also a great moon to meditate under and start working with your shadow self and inner child. 

It is also a great moon to honour the ancestors, create an alter dedicated to them, decorate your alter with photos of your family that have passed on, and their favorite treats. Light candles and leave offerings and ask for blessings from your ancestors.

Happy Hunter's Moon.