How to Transform like a Mushroom

Earlier this week I did an Instagram post about using the symbolism of the mushroom in meditation to help clear out the old debris and transform into the new. So I thought for today's post I'd do into it a bit further the Mushroom and how you use it to help you.

Before I go into how to use the Mushroom lets discuss the humble mushroom in a bit more detail first.

Mushrooms have been used for medicine, food and shamanic rituals for centuries in many cultures across the world from the cultures of the Americas, Asia and Europe, especially when it comes to establishing links with the Underworld and Spirit World.

The Sami people of Scandinavia use mushrooms to treat different healings and for rituals and Shamanic works especially for the winter Solstice as a representation of the rebirth of the Sun.

The red little hats typically depicted on Gnomes comes from the red Amanita Muscaria mushrooms.

Mushrooms are also associated with fairy circles which many believe are gateways to the Spirit Realm, with many folk tales telling stories of the different nature spirits.

They can also be linked to both the feminine and masculine energies.  Taking in the fact that the Mushroom grows from within the Earth and the inside of the cap of a mushroom resembles a womb connecting it to the feminine.

The top of the mushroom is seen by many as a phallic symbol linking it to the masculine.

With the stem of the mushroom entering into the cap of the mushroom representing conception and rebirth.

However mushrooms also are an agent of healing for the Earth, most mushrooms grow deep within the Earth itself as a vegetative mycelium, with many filtering out the toxins in the soil.

They breakdown the dead organic matter of the plants, trees, wood, flowers, carcass and recycle that into new nutrients creating fertile soil.  Thus making the old into something new and re-birthing it into something new.

Giving the mushrooms ability to rebirth old into new, this has given the mushroom its link to the Underworld, a place of chaos and transformation, the ancestors and rebirth.

Taking all the functions and folklore into consideration its easy to see how the mushroom can help with our own rebirth and transformation. 

Visualising yourself at the mushroom deep within the Earth imagine your head and shoulders as the cap and your body the stem, your legs the roots.

Now imagine from your cap golden spores are release, and as they release so to does all the old things no longer serving you.

With the spores released into the Earth ask Mother Earth to accept your spores and for them to be turned into something new and bright.

Next visualise golden rain falling from the Sky onto the Earth washing away the soil from on top of you, than see the rain slowly stop and clear away for the sun to come out from behind the clouds shining down upon you.

Now feel yourself start to raise up from the Earth into the sun and along with you growing and stretching to meet the sun you see your own rebirth and transformation.

Happy meditating.