How to rebuild Stamina

So as I have disclosed over various posts, I had a lengthy virus that I have now recovered from and as I wasn't able to exercise during the virus as I had horrible dizzy spells and fatigue, so doing a workout was non existent, as such my fitness and stamina have suffered.

While I have not suffered covid, I have had family and colleagues who have and they have also reported also losing stamina.

So how do you rebuild your stamina once you have recovered from illness?

Acknowledge that you are starting over.

If like myself you have been dealing with a lengthy virus or some other illness, acknowledge you do not have the same fitness level you did before the illness, and you need to rebuild that fitness.

Take small steps.

Start with a small goal, a walk around the block, or some gentle stretching to start getting the blood flowing in the body, and slowly build it up from there.

Its an inside job.

Make sure you are feeding yourself nourishing foods to help replenish the minerals, vitamins, and all the other goods things that have been stripped from your body during the illness.

Be kind and gentle wit yourself.

Don't be down on yourself for not bouncing back straight away, work with your body, respect and love yourself and build slowly back up to where you once where. 

Make a plan.

Everything takes time so make a plan for your exercise routine and also for your meal plan, assessing where you are at and take small steps to build upon your plan each week.