How to keep your New Year Intentions

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hoping everyone had a chance for some rest and relaxation over the New Year break.

As we are two weeks into the New Year and the full moon is only a couple of days away, I thought this is an excellent time to talk about how to keep your intentions going throughout the year.

How do you not fall off the intention band wagon?

Well the best way to keep your intentions going throughout the year, is by using the lunar cycle.

Each phase of the moon works with the various energies to manifest our intentions, and the brilliant part is that you can reset your intentions with each lunar cycle, keeping your intentions in the forefront of your mind, helping you to stay on track and manifest those goals.

Now if you set your intentions with the New Year, than you where planting the seeds within the new moon period which fell on 02 January.

What does each phase of the moon represent?

As a general guide, the new moon is the time to start a new project or goal, this is the time to plant the seeds and plan your goal or project out.

The waxing moon which is  the phase between new and full moon, is the time to grow your goal or project, you increase your energy and through you the energy around your goal or project so it begins to become a reality. 

With the full moon this is the time to manifest your goal or project into reality, the full moon is when energy is at its most highest and potent, especially when it is a super-moon, which occur a few times each year.

This is an important part of the process, and phase of the lunar cycle, the waning moon, this is the time to take stock of what worked with you goal or project and what didn't work, to reassess and make the adjustments needed, and let go of what doesn't work making way for something that will, for your goal or project to succeed.

The dark moon which is when the moon cannot be seen, is the time to go internal and meditate and allow your intuition to guide you to which intention is the best for you.

As mentioned earlier than repeat with each lunar cycle. This process works with both small intentions that only need the one lunar cycle, or larger goals that take more months to accomplish.

Happy Lunar travelling.