How a creek can show us how to live

A couple of weeks ago while out for my usual morning walk, which takes me along a creek, I was noticing how in one spot the water was almost still, while in another it was flowing quiet easily, and in a third spot the water was pushing over and around the rocks.

As I observed the water I thought how interesting it was that the creek was showing the different ways we get through life.

By being still and listening, by going with the flow and lastly by pushing through or around the obstacles standing in our way.

Nature as always is our greatest teacher. 

There is debate about which way is better, but in truth we need all three to achieve our goals and dreams.

Why it is important to be still?

Just like the creek sometime we need to be still and listen to our inner voice.

Stillness brings clarity, and into the moment, it helps to make ideas and thoughts clearer and easier to see. Taking a moment of stillness could be the difference between making the decision that leads you down the right path or the wrong path.

Practicing stillness can also bring you better health. It can help to reduce your stress levels, blood pressure, heart problems, as well as emotional stability.

Why it is important to go with the flow?

As the creek meanders along its path, it shows us that sometimes we too need to go with the flow.

We humans like to have a sense of control in everything in out lives, however life is not a straight line and in fact much like the creek meanders on its own path.

We can find it difficult when everything in out lives seems to be going wrong, its the feeling that we are not in control, however everything in nature has its own flow and natural rhythm in life.

By going with the flow we are not letting go and allowing others to make choices for us, but we are going with the flow of life and engaging with life, facing what comes and making choices based on it.   

Going with the flow means accepting that good and bad things happen in life and accepting them as they come up. It mean being in charge of your life and choosing your path as those things come up.

Why it is important to sometimes push through?

 As the creek moves through the rocks impending its path, sometimes we too need to push through our discomfort to reach our goals.

If you listen to successful talk about how they succeed to reach their goals, once thing is often mentioned. They are continuously pushing their limits further and further into discomfort.

I remember having a discussion with my business mentor a while back and discussing how doing Instagram and Facebook lives makes me incredibly uncomfortable, and my mentor said its in the discomfort that you succeed.

By pushing through you are not allowing yourself to fall into complacency and stagnating with your goals, with pushing through you get to know yourself, your limits and strengths.