Honey Full Moon

The apex of the last full moon of the year is today at 3.35pm and it is refereed to as the Honey, Mead or Strawberry full moon. 

This full moon heralds the end of the fertility period and the beginning of life anew. All of nature is busy, animals are giving birth, birds are hatching, the bees have filled their hives.

This full moon brings in a time of metamorphosis, under the Honey full moon, this is the perfect opportunity to reinvent our live, change our personal realities, and become who we are meant to be.

The tradition of calling the first month of marriage the honeymoon, may be linked to this full moon, being traced back to the 1500's, and most likely due to the custom of marrying in the Northern Hemisphere in June under the Honey moon there. 

This full moon is linked to the upcoming summer solistice in a couple of days time, with the days getting longer, warmer and richer. This is the time to challenge your own perceptions of life and see things with fresh eyes.

To celebrate the Honey moon, reinvent, have a party, and start harvesting all the things you have planted over the last few moons.