Home Retreat

I like going on a retreat at least once a year, its my time to take a break from the world, disconnect from social media, and just get back to basics and to me.

Unfortunately this year being what it is I haven't been able to go anywhere, so I decided I'd create a retreat for myself at home.

Seeing as I've been missing my retreats, I figured others must be missing their weekends away too.  So thought I'd share what I did to give myself a little home retreat.

The first day consisted of the following:

The first thing I did was take myself on a nice long walk, and connected in with nature.

I then had a light breakfast, then put some oils in the oil burner, lit some sage incense and a candle, than settled in to meditate.

After meditation I was drawn to do something creative so turned to some of my colouring art therapy books.

Then had a light dinner.

The second day also started with a nice long walk, followed by another light breakfast.

The oil burner, incense and candle went back on, and I sat back into some more meditation.

After meditation I did some channeling with my oracle cards.

And lastly to ground back in, I danced around my living room.

The outcome?

I came away feeling refreshed and recharged for the coming week.