Hearty Tuna Salad and Teriyaki Fried Rice

Happy Monday everyone, here are today's recipes from my cook up.

The great thing about today's recipes are they don't take all that long to make.

Enjoy :)

Hearty Tuna Salad


3 medium sized potatoes cut into eights

600g green cabbage chopped

1 green capsicum sliced

bunch of spring onions chopped

1 lemon juiced

A splash of red wine vinegar 


Boil potatoes in a saucepan for approx 15 mins until potatoes are soft, drain and let cool.

Toss cabbage, capsicum spring onions into a large salad bowl.

Add in potatoes and flake tuna into bowl

Mix together lemon juice and red wine vinegar and drizzle over salad.

Toss and serve.


Teriyaki Fried Rice 


2 cups rice

500g mixed frozen vegetables

4 beef sausages

200g Teriyaki sauce

1 tbsp olive oil

2x eggs beaten


Cook Sausages in grill, than set aside.

Heat oil in pot, pour in rice and stir until rice is covered with the oil.

Pour in 6 cups water and stir.

Add in frozen vegetables and stir.

Once rice has absorbed liquid add in Teriyaki sauce and pour eggs over rice let sit for a minute and than stir into rice.

Chop up sausages and stir into rice.

Serve and enjoy.