Heal the past to heal the future

How does healing the past heal the future?

It sounds like an odd concept, but that is what we all need to do, we all need to heal the past for the sake of our future selves.

This is the reason why we have modalities that specialise in ancestral and lineage healings, shadow works, inner child healings and more.

The truth of the matter is the wounds of our past if left unchecked will affect the outcomes of our future relationships, works and lives. We will continually to repeat our patterns and mistakes over and over again.

If we don't go deep into the past and heal the root of the issue, than we will keep falling into the same holes going around in circles.

When it comes to ancestral and lineage healings, take a close look at the patterns and behaviours you share with your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents, what is it that keeps repeating through the generations?

Once you have the patterns than you can begin the journey of healing, with this type of healing the people who come to me are seeking to break the cycle so their children will not fall prey to it.

For shadow work or inner child healings, these are the behaviors and patterns that developed in childhood and repeat throughout your adult life, they can be more difficult to see.

To find these wounds, look for what triggers your throughout the day, take note of them, and than go inside and feel where this trigger starts from. Once you have this you can start the healing process from there.

Whether its ancestral, lineage or shadow work, once you now the patterns and the roots of where they come from, than its time to acknowledge, heal, love, and integrate this into yourself and from there, you become more aware of the patterns and will know how to maneuver around them so they don't repeat into the future.