Go with the flow

Our lives are full of cycles, from sleep cycles, to eating cycles to energy cycle. However what has been musing in my mind, is we all different cycles, but modern life doesn't factor this into our day to day lives, so it can be tricky to go with the flow.

If modern life was designed to let us go with the flow, that would mean we would have the early rises suitable for the 9-5 lifestyles, however we would also have people who are night owls able to work and live their optimum hours.

This means that while we all have the same cycles, we all have different patterns within those cycles, and to truly go with the flow would mean, to honour and work within those patterns of our cycles.

Now how to change modern life to match us with our cycles I don't know, modern life is a beast of its own. The one thing I do know is that we need to have the freedom to allow us to be able to go with the flow, and allow our natural rhythms to flourish and through that we our most vibrant selves.